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How it Works

Looking for a Job

Find a job you like, then see who you know that might be able to refer you. Most companies offer referral incentives - it could be a win-win for both of you!

Helping a Friend

Help your friends get their dream job by using ReferMe to see who you might know at a company your friend is interested in joining.


Make your job postings go viral by using the ReferMe widget! You can track who is sharing your openings to see where the real talent is hanging out!

About ReferMe

ReferMe is a job search platform designed to provide job seekers with a unique experience for gaining access to available positions based on their existing Social Network relationships. The platform empowers Job Seekers to reach out to Friends to request referrals for a particular position, and also provides a means of Friends discovering and sharing Job Opportunities with Job Seekers via direct search on the site, or through ReferMe widgets which can be placed on third-party sites, blogs, and even job search engines.